HS-GY-50 Automatic Rolling Machine


-- Hydraulic system to control machine working and all functions.
-- Capable of feeding in both sides.
-- Through cylinder and manual mode to adjust the rolling radius to process different shape products.
-- Material Available: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Copper,Aluminum...
-- Rolling shape available:Round,Square,Rectangle,angle steel, flat bar...
-- Three/five/seven active rollers moving separately, to avoid skid and increasing bending quality.
-- Number of rollers according to customer’s rolling requirement.
-- Available for large radius bending.
-- With function of manual,auto,emergency to ensure the high safety for operator.
-- Good mechanical parts ensure machine runs in high stability.           
-- Easily operation and low nosily.
Name GY-50
Max. Rolling Capacity Φ50×2.0mm
Min. Bending Radius R≥10D
Max. Bending Radius No limitation
Max. Bending Angle Any Circular Rolling
Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke 125mm
Rolling Speed 6000mm/r/min
Rolling Mould Rotating Speed 60r/min
Max. Hydraulic Pressure 12Mpa
Motor Power 5.5KW
Hydraulic Output Volume 19 l/min
Machine Dimension 1500*1000*1100
Machine Weight 980KGS



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